Beware of Monkeys – Travel Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Hitting a Wall

There comes a point in everyone’s travels where you hit this wall, like what in the eff am I doing. Mine came quicker than I expected but I realized I have been couped up in one resort for 10 days. I love Blue Osa, it is beautiful and exactly what I need but I am a wanderer by nature and being in the same place to sleep, live, workout, eat, work, socialize, relax, and basically anything else for more than a week is totally draining. I need changes of scenery every few days.

I was feeling burnt out and like I didn’t want to do anything and just feeling negative in general. I felt like an abrasive little shit that was being super ungrateful for being in a new beautiful place, but that was just where I was at. When Lara, Blue Osa’s gardener, asked if I wanted to go into the mountains to get some soil for the garden I totally jumped at the opportunity. And it was sooo what I needed.

A Change of Scenery

Blue Osa is beautiful, but when you live at the same place that you work, a change of scenery is much needed every few days. I love being able to write and be creative and to learn from the amazing people at Blue Osa, but when I thought of traveling to Costa Rica I thought of jungle treks, surfing, zip lining and exploring a new place. Blue Osa has been exactly what I need, a place to grow and work on my blog, my body, my mind, and my future and to feel stable. But there is this other part of me that totally needs adventure mixed in there.

So we loaded up into the car and took off into mountains and jungle. Just having the windows down and watching the jungle fly by was enough to set my soul right, but we got so much more then that.

Beware of Monkey’s

As we were driving we saw a blue morpho butterfly and pulled over to snap some photos. We pulled over and realized there were Toucans and a huge tribe of monkeys flying through the canopy above. I started snapping photos and video and was so excited to be in the middle of the jungle surrounded by monkeys.

They were so close to us, and just as curious about us and we were them. As Lara and I got closer we realized stuff was being thrown at us. They monkeys were totally pooping into their hands and throwing it at us. Check out the video if you don’t believe me! Ha it was my first real Costa Rican experience and I loved every minute of this bizarre behavior.

Press Reset

Luckily we avoided getting pelted with poo, got our soil, and headed back to the resort. It felt like I had pressed reset. I got to get a change of scenery, laugh a bit about poop (you’re really never too old for that), and press reset. I came back feeling like I was happy to be here and grateful for every experience the universe was sending my way.


Wilderwomen was born out of two women with the same dream; build a community of women who empower one another outdoors. Whether you’re seeking yoga, a get away, a tribe, an outdoor adventure, or just some time in nature, Wilderwomen has it all. We host meet-ups and outdoor retreats in the picturesque PNW paradise that include daily yoga, gourmet meals, outdoor adventures, hot spring soaks, glamping and more! We are building a community of women (and men, and partners, and those who don’t opt to define themselves by a gender) who feel confident in their skin and in their technical outdoor abilities, a tribe of humans who deeply care about the environment and each other, and a collection of outdoor enthusiasts and weekend warriors who are excited to get after it in the outdoors.

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