Blogging to Live Big: Why We All Do What We Do

Progress, progress, progress. But where’s the Passion?

Lately I have been fully absorbed with reading about how to improve my blog, what plug-ins to install, how to get more readers, how to get more followers on facebook, and twitter, how to even utilize twitter. And I started developing these negative feelings towards my blog.

My blog has been this creative outlet for me to help inspire other people. That is all I want to do is inspire others to live their big lives because I am living my big life. I am a blogger by nature and by passion. It absorbs me in so many good ways, so to have it shift because I was putting all this energy into trying to get sponsored, or ads, or more readers instead of just pushing along doing what I love and letting the readers come how they will, changed how I felt about blogging.

I have had the wonderful opportunity lately to be surrounded by amazing and inspiring people (Check out my friends Valentina and Lara The Barefoot Blogger), including a few travel bloggers, some very successful with over 25K followers (Check out my friend Alex at Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler). And as inspiring as they are I couldn’t help but think why is my blog not taking off like that?

Cheers to Those Who Are Working Their A** Off 

Well first of all I have only been blogging at all for a little over a year and a half. Most of that not even being consistent about it and I have only just recently in the last couple months, really only seriously in the last few weeks, started focusing on travel blogging. Some of these women have been doing it for 3 and half years. They have put their time in, and I selfishly think that the stars are just supposed to align for me because I love travel blogging so dang much. So this is my apology to those of you who have been busting your ass and it’s been paying off, and I come into the game expecting to be where you are right off the bat. Cheers to you and your success, cheers to you for inspiring so many including myself, and cheers to you for making really big, awesome, lives happen.

Giving It Up To the Universe 

So this is me giving my blog up to the universe. I love what I am doing. I am traveling, taking photos, writing, being creative, meeting the most amazing people, and living my big life. If the blog takes off great, if not I do this because I love it and this is my version of a big life not because of anything other then that, and I hope this is a reminder to any of you who do read this, your big life is your own. Don’t measure your success to the success of others cause we are all just working our butts off to live our own version of our big lives.


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6 thoughts on “Blogging to Live Big: Why We All Do What We Do

      1. No, you are definitely not alone. It is so easy to compare ourselves to others, and we easily forget why we blog in the first place. Keep up the great work!


  1. check out this friend of a friend based out of detroit…… serious great stuff about blogging. she posts about increasing your traffic and all the other stuff you mentioned.


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