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Realm of the Polar Bear – Arctic Svalbard

My first sights of Svalbard came at 1:00AM after watching the sunset in the Oslo airport, only to watch it rise again as we flew beyond the Arctic circle and into the territory of the summer’s midnight sun. Cotton candy skies gave way to a white glow, which finally took shape to snowcapped mountains, as […]

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What Almost Stopped Me From Going to Nicaragua

You might think with all the political unrest that has been sweeping the country in the last couple weeks that would be the reason. I knew three people who had been here during the worst part of the protests and they said they felt safe as long as they avoided the protests. So even though […]

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Beatrix the Van’s Maiden Voyage

Becoming a weekend warrior was a choice I made to start a career, get some experience, and most importantly pay off student loans, debt, and to save money. I’m happy with my decision, but taking off this last weekend with a few of my close friends in their newly renovated van inspired some pretty deep […]

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This Magic Life

  I am sitting here in my RV sipping tea, staring at the snow blanketed pear trees, and rolling foot hills, listening to Trevor Hall’s Green Mountain State, wondering how is this my life? How do I get to wake up at sunrise and sip coffee and watch the sun greet the orchard? How do […]

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International Love Affairs

  A year ago today I began three very different and unexpected love affairs. My First Love Affair The first love affair started off like most other love affairs. Slow and steady, taking my time trying to get to know what I was jumping in to. As if anyone actually knows what they are getting […]

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Wanderlust: What You Need to Know

  Your life will never be the same. I mean this in good and bad ways. Giving in to your wanderlust will rock you to the core, and change you in ways you never thought you would change (read The Gypsy Life: How Living Out of a Backpack Can Change You), but it will also […]

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How Living Out of a Backpack Can Change You

  Detachment From People and Things (In a good way) Relying on things or anybody else to make me feel some way was a guaranteed letdown. So many things went missing, or there simply wasn’t room for them in my backpack so I gave them away. The first time I purged a pile of stuff […]

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