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Joffre Lakes Trip Report

A few week’s back a biting cold Arctic wind made it’s way south when we had plans to go to Whistler. Even though it was frigid, we headed up to Whistler anyways for a weekend in the  mountains to celebrate a friends 30th birthday and to hang out with our significant others’ co-workers for a […]

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International Love Affairs

  A year ago today I began three very different and unexpected love affairs. My First Love Affair The first love affair started off like most other love affairs. Slow and steady, taking my time trying to get to know what I was jumping in to. As if anyone actually knows what they are getting […]

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Photo Journal: Vantage Climbing

This climbing trip was my best trip to date. In part because I was super motivated but mostly because my girl Steph and I had our own rope, set of quickdraws, and it was our first trip of the season. Friday we drove from Seattle to Vantage and got to the “campsite” in the dark. […]

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Don’t Go to Colombia, It’s Dangerous

  Saying yes to everything the universe had to send my way was one of the best mentalities I could have adopted while traveling. Yes took me to beautiful beaches, yes took me to Bocas del Toro and then to Colombia, yes made me new friends, took me mountain biking, rafting, dancing, and yes gave […]

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