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Thru-Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail Ruined My Life

Proud. Accomplished. Healthy. Happy. Tired. Relieved. Changed. Overwhelmed. Surreal. Weird. Sad. These are some of the things I’ve been feeling since I completed my PCT thru- hike on Sept. 27. In a society that’s predominantly sedentary, with people sitting in traffic five days a week heading to a job where they spend eight hours a day sitting in a chair in front […]

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What Almost Stopped Me From Going to Nicaragua

You might think with all the political unrest that has been sweeping the country in the last couple weeks that would be the reason. I knew three people who had been here during the worst part of the protests and they said they felt safe as long as they avoided the protests. So even though […]

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What are you doing in that cubicle?

Feelings are funny. You can feel something so deeply, only for feelings to go around and casually change their mind the next day. I just wrote the adventures of adulting a couple months ago about the Type 2 fun that is taking care of yourself and I meant every word. Then, there are days like today that happen more […]

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This Magic Life

  I am sitting here in my RV sipping tea, staring at the snow blanketed pear trees, and rolling foot hills, listening to Trevor Hall’s Green Mountain State, wondering how is this my life? How do I get to wake up at sunrise and sip coffee and watch the sun greet the orchard? How do […]

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