Setting Wild Intentions: Going Big With Your Resolutions

I think it is a safe statement to make that almost everyone has set an intention at some point in their lives. Around this time of year we call them resolutions that encompass a vision for the next year. At other, less symbolic or momentous times, intentions can pop up on any typical day; sometimes […]

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This Magic Life

  I am sitting here in my RV sipping tea, staring at the snow blanketed pear trees, and rolling foot hills, listening to Trevor Hall’s Green Mountain State, wondering how is this my life? How do I get to wake up at sunrise and sip coffee and watch the sun greet the orchard? How do […]

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International Love Affairs

  A year ago today I began three very different and unexpected love affairs. My First Love Affair The first love affair started off like most other love affairs. Slow and steady, taking my time trying to get to know what I was jumping in to. As if anyone actually knows what they are getting […]

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Photo Journal: Vantage Climbing

This climbing trip was my best trip to date. In part because I was super motivated but mostly because my girl Steph and I had our own rope, set of quickdraws, and it was our first trip of the season. Friday we drove from Seattle to Vantage and got to the “campsite” in the dark. […]

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Call of the Wilderwoman

I finally launched my brand, Wilderoman. A lot of people have been asking me, what exactly is a Wilderwoman? (which by the way is like wilderness woman) So I thought I would tell a little video story. The written story can also be found below. Call of the Wilderwoman This is the Story of a woman […]

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