Mom’s Weekend Hike and Yoga

I got the opportunity to participate in my university’s mom’s weekend hike and yoga. Though my mom did not come for mom’s weekend I had a blast with all the other moms who came. This trip was supposed to be a Hike and yoga at the top of Kamiak Butte. We had a massive wind storm, freezing rain, and no one really wanted to hike up and do yoga in that kind of rain. So we just turned it into a longer yoga session and got to share the amazing benefits of yoga with some lovely  moms.

IMG_6355IMG_6367IMG_6363IMG_6368 IMG_6365 IMG_6363 IMG_6362


2 thoughts on “Mom’s Weekend Hike and Yoga

    1. Hey Jacob! To be honest yoga will work how you want it to work. It will work if you commit to doing it daily or weekly whatever works for you and depends on how long the workouts are. Shorter ones are great for waking you up in the morning and stretching out muscles tight from sleep, longer ones are a great cardio and strength workout also depending on the type, and hot yoga is great for all of the above. It helps with flexibility, breathing, concentration, aids in better sleep and whatever you focus your mind on during yoga, among other things. Here are some articles specifically for benefits for men:


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