Granite Winter Camp Night

The first weekend in February, my boyfriend and I decided to go winter camping at a local rock called Granite Point. For being the beginning of February, it ended up being pretty warm. We hiked up around  8pm with our headlamps, our backpacks full of sleeping bags, a tent, some sleeping pads, steak, potatoes, corn,   oysters, smores and a little wine.

It was the perfect one night get away from Pullman. I set up camp while Colt got the fire going. We cooked our steaks, potatoes, and corn in aluminum foil over the fire, and let our oysters cook over the embers. We got to eat fireside, riverside, underneath an ocean of stars. It was just what I needed to beat that mid-semester senioritis that has hit hard.

We made smores, drank a little wine, and talked about how we definitely needed to do this more. I feel pretty lucky to be dating my best friend who likes to go on random adventures, because there is just something about adventures that sets my soul right. Colt took some really cool photos (hopefully of which I can get my hands on to post on here), and we went to bed fairly early for a Friday night.

We woke up to an amazing view.


Our getaway paradise for a night.

I tried to get up early to get some cool shots, and ended up only liking a few of them. But the trip was incredible even if I couldn’t get proper documentation. I can’t wait for our next adventure coming up this weekend to Red Mountain Canada!

185I suggest if at any time you are feeling overwhelmed, just head outside for a night. And if you don’t like bugs, winter camping is perfect for you! So grab a friend, pack your things, grab some food and some wine, and just go on an adventure! Homework can wait for a day!


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