Final Climbing Audio Podcast

For my audio assignment I think I started too broad, with having Colt talk about the outdoors in general rather than having a focused topic to build a clearer story and also to eliminate all the extra time I had. My first audio was 17 minutes, my draft was 8, and my final came in around 3. I narrowed it to climbing because with the bouldering wall closing this semester and it being the sport I have honed in on the most this semester it seemed fitting to role with the climbing theme that has evolved on my blog. I got the interview with Colt, and after the draft audio, I realized I could incorporate my own story in as well. Colt has had a huge influence on me and my climbing and I thought we agreed a lot about our stories on climbing. I actually changed positions on clips to create a better story that flowed. I then took the pieces from my own interview, and mixed them in with Colt’s responses to have two separate but coinciding story lines running together. I also decided to add some mood with the music, which was created by my friend James Ellis, who also has a climber testimony here:

I got permission and it is also under the free-to-use license.

His page and original work can be found here:


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