Failure is Fun!

Wilderwomen is thrilled to partner with Om Mama Co. for our Mom & Babe-friendly hike at Gold Creek Pond on Saturday, July 13th. We love encouraging and supporting women to enjoy the great outdoors, come together in community & have some fun! 

Seasonal shifts in nature have this funny way of throwing light on the shifts that have occurred in life. We Wilderwomen embrace these cyclical changes in season as an opportunity to look at the seeds of growth we planted in the New Year. What goals and ideas did you have for your life? How are they going? Where are you at on your path? What turns or new offshoots have you taken? Take a moment and tune into what is working and what is not. Seriously: close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths to sink into the self that was 3 months ago.

Now open your eyes. When it comes to checking in on our goals and aspirations, it’s hard not to point to what we see as “failures to achieve” along the way. Our academic experiences often set us up to expect gold stars in exchange for doing things “correctly” and nothing for in exchange for failure. As the teacher you may have never had, we are here to tell you that FAILURE IS FUN! Truly. 

Failure means that there is a nugget of growth and change revealing itself to you for the first time. Failure is a sign that something needs your attention and inspiration to transform. Failure is calling you into your next big challenge and triumph. This only holds true if you can transform your perception of failure into a game of seeking and pursuing opportunity.
Remember those bold resolutions you set forth in the New Year? Give them new life this season. Nurture them with a vision board that declares the life you visualize for yourself and lays out your road map to get there. Write your future self in BIG at the top and then create a road map of action steps you will take to get there. Check in daily; create a morning ritual where you give yourself time and permission to hydrate, move, affirm, and meditate. We love a healthy mix of gentle stretching, walking, and breathing on the mornings where we can’t quite make it out of the city. And when you fail, celebrate. Celebrate the opportunity to tackle old blind spots with new awareness, grueling challenge with unbridled optimism, and unexpected change with grounded enthusiasm.

If you need a kick-start, we are here. We practice what we preach and inject a healthy mix of growth and play into all of our events to meet you where you’re at. We love sharing the clarity of Mother Nature’s company with our sisters to connect and process together. If you’ve been following along and haven’t found the time to join us, consider the failure to set aside time for yourself and your community as an opportunity to create new practices that create intentional time to connect with other like-minded women. We can’t wait to hug you into the tribe.

With love, light, and an abundance of failure,Kate and Jess


Wilderwomen was born out of two women with the same dream; build a community of women who empower one another outdoors. Whether you’re seeking yoga, a get away, a tribe, an outdoor adventure, or just some time in nature, Wilderwomen has it all. We host meet-ups and outdoor retreats in the picturesque PNW paradise that include daily yoga, gourmet meals, outdoor adventures, hot spring soaks, glamping and more! We are building a community of women (and men, and partners, and those who don’t opt to define themselves by a gender) who feel confident in their skin and in their technical outdoor abilities, a tribe of humans who deeply care about the environment and each other, and a collection of outdoor enthusiasts and weekend warriors who are excited to get after it in the outdoors.

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