Get Outside


I have had to privilege to go on a few trips with my local outdoor recreation center and they have been some of my most amazing memories from college. The trips I went on, the people I got closer with, and the footage I had to opportunity to capture inspire me all the time. Here is my newest video, only my third video I have made yet, but working on a series here soon. I would love to know any thoughts. Did it inspire you? Make you want an adventure or to get outside? Or even if you think it could use some work, I want to know. I feel this deep desire inside to create inspirational films so really anything you have to say about it I want to here it. I hope you enjoy.



One thought on “Get Outside

  1. Hey Jess, this is Brendon from church. I just want to say you have truly inspired me to ger outdoors and lose weight. You are an amazing, strong woman who have such strong beliefs and finds the good in all people. I am jealous of you and how you get to do such amazing things. I am so glad we are friends, and you mean the world to me., Love ya buddy!!


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