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The Dirtbag Saga Continues

For those who remember my blog post from last fall Becoming the Dirtbag Darling: The First Days, I was finally making a my dirtbag dreams come true. And boy did I. So much has happened over the last 6 months I am almost at a loss as where to begin. I guess I will just […]

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Becoming a Dirtbag Darling: The First Days

  It’s happened. I have finally started taking steps towards accomplishing one of my biggest dreams in life. To be a dirtbag. dirtbag darling, that is. This story starts with a friend of mine, Tavin, who totally gets the dirtbag dream. He currently lives in his car in Leavenworth and is probably one of the coolest humans […]

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Call of the Wilderwoman

I finally launched my brand, Wilderoman. A lot of people have been asking me, what exactly is a Wilderwoman? (which by the way is like wilderness woman) So I thought I would tell a little video story. The written story can also be found below. Call of the Wilderwoman This is the Story of a woman […]

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Wallowa’s Women’s Backpacking Trip

So they say on your first backpacking trip, it’s given that things will go wrong. And that it is a good thing because you learn from the mistakes and mishaps. Well, either I am the worst backpacker ever known to man, or the forces were working to teach me some lessons about backpacking. Lesson Number […]

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She is a woman who seeks adventure.⠀ and finds it everywhere.⠀ She is a wanderer by nature⠀ and independent by choice.⠀ Her story is marked with over coming defeat.⠀ Her heart with strength and laughter.⠀ She’d rather sleep under the stars, than in a 5 star hotel.⠀ Her home is the wild open air.⠀ and […]

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